Monday, December 6, 2010

The Crusade of Salafiyya

On October 2, 2010 the United States announced plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, a decision that will have harsh consequences for Afghanis, who may very well come under the Taliban rule once again.  After nine years of fighting to destroy al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the US has little to show for the war. 

Nonetheless, the U.S. has improved the human rights situation for many Afghan citizens.  The US essentially contained the Taliban’s oppressive practices to a limited sphere. However an American troop withdrawal would give the Taliban the ability to regain not only Afghanistan, but the Fergana Valley and Pakistan as well.  If the Taliban regains control over these areas, their oppressive practices will create an even more dismal situation for human dignity to flourish. The chances are high that they will violate international human rights law once again.

The US invaded Afghanistan to destroy the terrorist group al-Qaeda, who was based in Afghanistan.  Yet, the ruling government at the time – the Taliban – would not give up al-Qaeda.  Therefore, the US attacked the Taliban to get to al-Qaeda.  In the midst of the war, the US added another mission – to bring democracy to Afghanistan – but now that the US intends to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, this secondary goal has been sidelined. 

The US has considered negotiating with the Taliban, who will inevitably take control over the country.  However, an alternate solution exists – collaborating with Russia and Pakistan.

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